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Warehousing * Storage * Trucking * On-Site CSX Rail Service * Acres of Open-Paved Storage * Open-Covered Storage * Intermodal * Breakbulk * Bulk Cargo * Special Project * Heavy Lift Cargo


Warehousing and Storage:


Warehousing and Storage Services to include but not limited to Stuffing, Stripping, Packing, Crating, Bracing, Project Assembly, Inventory Control, Tracking of Cargo Shipments and Bonded Warehouse Facilities


Trucking Services:


Trucking and Motor Carrier Services are available throughout the U.S. Southeast Region.  East Coast Logistics also offers transportation of Intermodal, Breakbulk, Bulk, RoRo, Special Project. Flatbeds, Dry Vans, Step-Ups and Low Boys are also available.


Outside Storage:


East Coast Logistics features  Outside Paved Open Storage and Outside Covered Storage to accommodate a vast array of cargo to include iron, steel, granite, lumber, machinery and equipment, special project and heavy lift cargo.


Shipside Delivery:


East Coast Logistics specializes in Loading and Unloading of Special Project and Oversize Cargo Shipments via Georgia Ports Authority terminals located at the Port of Savannah and Port of Brunswick.


Packing and Crating:


East Coast Logistics offers value-added services to include Packing, Crating and Bracing of cargo for Intermodal and Breakbulk Shipments.


Stuffing and Stripping:


East Coast Logistics offers services such as Stuffing and Stripping, Picking and Packing for Intermodal Cargo Shipments.


Manufacturing Services:


We are available to support to Manufacturing Facilities in the transportation and storage a vast array of products and plant equipment. Ask us about our project assembly services.


Import / Export Distribution Services:


East Coast Logistics also specializes in providing support to Import/Export Distribution Centers to include providing additional Warehousing and Storage alternatives as well as Trucking and Rail Services.


Additional Services and Designations:


Customs Bonded Warehouse, Gated Facilities with On-Site Security


What Type of Cargo Do We Handle?


Containerized/Intermodal Cargo:


Warehousing of Containerized Cargo to include Stuffing and Stripping of Cargo, Inventory Control and Transporting Cargo via Truck and/or Rail


Breakbulk Cargo:


Warehousing and Outside Paved and/or Covered Storage for the Movement of Iron, Steel, Clay, Wood Pulp, Liner Board, Lumber, Plywood, Paper, Building Supplies, Special Project/Oversized Cargo


Bulk Cargo:


Warehouse of Dry Bulk Cargoes such as Supersacks such as Clay, Agri-Bulk Products


RoRo Cargo:


Wheeled and Track Cargo to Include but not limited to a Vast Array of Heavy Equipment and Military Cargo, ATV's


Special Project/Heavy Lift Cargo:


Cargo which requires Specialized Handling and Transport Services to Include but Not Limited to Lifting by Mobile Cranes and/or Shipside Delivery if required specializes in Shrink Wrapping for a vast array of project cargo. If you have a large or small project which needs special handling and/or services to include but not limited to packing, crating, project assembly or shrink wrapping, contact us today for a competitive price quote.


High Value Cargo:


We are available to offer competitive rates and expertise handling of Cargo of a sensitive and high value nature, ensuring competent loading and unloading.


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